Friday, December 23, 2016

The Specific Meaning and Influence of Accuracy of High Speed

High-speed punch accuracy of the specific meaning and impact? Many customers in the procurement of presses, will ask what is the meaning of precision standards in the end, the specific test is what the project is not the actual punching accuracy of the production? In response to this problem, we here to answer our customers in detail: In the high-speed press punching production, the punch accuracy is very important. Punch precision directly affects the accuracy of stamping products, die life. Punch precision punch is not divided into the actual static load and load (for stamping) dynamic accuracy. High-speed press punching is very important in the actual production of dynamic accuracy, due to the use of presses, the actual load changes in volume is very large, so specifications are technically difficult, so not integrated development, the status quo is static precision to represent the precision punch. Punch is the use of a group of molds, processing operations need to set the correct relationship between the mold movement. Punch the correct relationship between the movement process is the punch accuracy, accuracy is mainly reflected in the punch: First, parallelism, two, vertical, three, the total gap. The relationship between the mold movement is not correct, in addition to reducing product accuracy and shorten the life of the mold, the mold will also lead to easy assembly, can not use precision molds, and will produce intense vibration noise. Co-ordination of the static accuracy of the punch test items are as follows: 1. Punch table above the slider with the following true straightness 2 cranberry punch with ginger ale. Parallelism between the underside of the slider and the top of the table 3. The vertical movement of the slider and the top of the table 4. Mold handle hole and the straight angle below the slider 5. Above and below the joint part of the total gap? Impact of punching accuracy on stamping parts In modern stamping operations man punches kangaroo in the face, if only high-precision, long life of the mold, without high-precision punch and punching materials with high-quality, is unable to achieve high-precision stamping process punch romaine. Punch precision and rigidity of the life of a great impact on the mold, the same mold in a different punch on the punch to show different performance and service life.

 Such as in the general accuracy of the punch on the use of tens of thousands of times that chipping, and in the high-precision precision punch on more than 1 million times have chipping phenomenon. Dynamic accuracy and punch parts of the rigidity are directly related to the rigidity of a good punch accuracy is relatively high dynamic. If the punch load, structure and other compression structure will be deformed. So the static accuracy will deteriorate, you can say that dynamic accuracy is the real precision. Punch precision and accuracy of the product, die life has a very close relationship between. The dynamic accuracy is directly related to the rigidity of each part of the press, and the dynamic accuracy of the punch with good rigidity is relatively high. Actual stamping process is very important in the dynamic accuracy, because the specifications have technical difficulties, it has not yet integrated development, the status quo is the static precision to represent the accuracy of punch. ?? IPM companies adhere to the 'scientific management, and carefully developed; quality and efficient, compliance about re-letter' quality, and continuously improve the quality of all staff awareness and quality of work.

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