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Longevity global inc. offers brand new range of plasma - CNC Machined Parts Manufacturer

They have come up with brand new CNC machines with lots ofbenefits. These efficient CNC plasma machines are useful forvarious tasks in metal fabrication. (PRWEB) June 30 hydraulic busbar bending cutting punching machine, 2012 Longevity Global Inc. is well recognized and time tested plasmacutters, welding equipment and power generator supplier of the nation. It is growing rapidlyacross the world via dealers and clients. They have come up withbrand new CNC machines with lots of benefits.

 These efficient CNCplasma machines are useful for various tasks in metal fabrication. CNC machine apply in manufacturing of machined parts generally formass manufacturing. Mr. Simon Katz, president of Longevity Global Inc. took the dice tomake an announcement. He stated, Considering ever increasingdemand for safe and efficient CNC machines for metal fabrication inmanufacturing industries, we have come up with highly efficient andlong-lasting CNC plasma machines. We provide all CNC variationsuseful for all metalworking equipment, including grinders, turretpunches, CNC router, milling machines, drills, lathes, EDMs, andhigh-powered cutting devices. You can avail your CNC machine atprices much lower than retail prices at our store.

CNC stands for computer numerical control and CNC machine is use toapply this method for metal fabrication copper bending machine. The concept of CNC cameinto 1967 but the first CNC machines were used for manufacturing in1976. The major benefits of CNC machine is to enhance safety,productivity, efficiency, and accuracy in metal fabrication. Theyare authorized seller of CNC router and other machines. CNC router applied for various purposes such as signage- making, 3D moldingsand furniture and others. Longevity Global Inc. is serving clients since 2001 with innovative and efficientequipment for welding, cutting, and power generation. It works withdistributors, in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, United Kingdom,and multiple other countries. Longevity Global Inc. I am an expert from CNC Machined Parts Manufacturer, it usually analyzes various kinds of industry situation, such as CNC Machined Parts Manufacturer, and many more. Welcome to visit! We are high quality suppliers, our products such as , for oversee buyer. To know more, please visits .
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Grinding Machines - CNC Cylindrical Grinding … Grinding Machines - Precision Machine Tool, Ahmedabad provides CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine, Hydraulic Cylindrical Grinding Machine, Face Grinding Machine and Cam ... Rekha Engineering Works Products - CNC Grinding … Manufacturer of CNC Bore Grinding Machine, hydraulic & universal cylindrical grinding machine, Cam Shaft Grinding Machine and CNC internal Grinding machines … Cnc Cam Grinding Machine, Cnc Cam Grinding … Cnc Cam Grinding Machine, You Can Buy Various High Quality Cnc Cam Grinding Machine Products from Global Cnc Cam Grinding Machine Suppliers and Cnc Cam Grinding ... CNC Cam Grinder - Sherline CNC Cam Grinder, P/N 8650/8655. The perfect solution for making cams for small engines or other small industrial grinding projects (Click on photo for larger image.)

CNC Grinding - Kelford Cams - Camshafts, Cylinder … Kelford Cams installed the first CNC camshaft grinder for aftermarket high performance camshaft manufacture in the Sothern Hemisphere, at our Christchurch … Cam grinding the CNC way High Power Media If you talk to anyone in the camshaft manufacturing business, it isn't very long before the name of Landis crops up. Old timers might reflect fondly on such machines ... Cam Grinding Machines - Cam Grinding Machinery, … Cam Grinding Machines - We are manufacturer and exporter of cam grinding machines like cam grinding machinery since 2002 across East Europe, East Asia, … Landis 3L CNC Camshaft Grinder (Stock # 919) … Specifications • Landis Type: 3L 10" x 40" (254 mm x 1016 mm) CNC CBN Cam Lobe Grinding Machine • Date of Manufacture: 2002 • Aerotech CNC Control Grinders busbar processing machine, Cam - Grinding Machines Listed For Sale ... Grinding Machines - Used Cam Grinders - For Sale - We have 6 listings for Cam Grinders listed below. Find items by using the following search options. You can … CNC grinding machine eBay - Electronics, Cars, … Find great deals on eBay for CNC grinding machine and philadelphia 76ers tickets. Shop with confidence. CNC grinding machine, CNC grinding equipment - All … Find all the manufacturers of CNC grinding machine and contact them directly on Directindustry. Choose from among the 557 products selected by our teams Sherline Direct: 8650/8655 - CNC Cam Grinder SHERLINE manufactures precision miniature lathes, mills, and machine tool accessories in both manual and CNC versions for hobbyists, model makers … Internal grinding machines,cam grinding … Manufacturer & Exporter of internal grinding machines,cam grinding machines from India - REKHA ENGINEERING WORKS - Visit through online business catalog for … cam grinding machines eBay - Electronics, Cars, … Visit eBay for great deals on a huge selection cam grinding machines. Shop eBay! Grinding Machines ToyodaToyoda USA Grinding Machines hydraulic busbar bending machine. As a global leader in grinding machine technology Toyoda offers an extensive lineup of high-performance universal, cylindrical, camshaft, and ... Cam Grinding Machines - Cox model engine Cam Grinding Machines. Click on photographs to view in more detail Hover for a description Of all the various ways to form harmonic cams for model four-stroke … SURFACE GRINDING MACHINES: BOBCAD CNC … Jul 20, 2013 · CNC CENTER-TC - CAMERON MICRO DRILL PRESSES. A 2-D and 3-D CAD-CAM system for programming CNC machines including milling, lathe, wire EDM and CNC … Cam Grinding Machine, Cam Grinding Machine … Cam Grinding Machine, You Can Buy Various High Quality Cam Grinding Machine Products from Global Cam Grinding Machine Suppliers and Cam Grinding Machine … cnc grinders - Monktons Machine Tool Moncktons Machine Tools represents some of the finest machine tool manufacturers in the world. We are proud to make available the CNC GrindIng Centers offered by our ... CNC Grinding Machines manufacturer supplier from …

CNC Grinding Machines manufacturer and CNC Grinding Machines supplier also factory wholesaler distributor - over 4,700 buyers around the world at Prices Of camshaft grinder cnc machine germany … Kavo Arctica Engine Dental Cad Cam Milling And Grinding Machine … Kavo Arctica Engine Dental Cad Cam Milling And Grinding Machine Made In Germany , Find … Cam Grinding Machines - Cam Grinding Machines … Here you will find listings of cam grinding machines manufacturers, cam grinding machines exporters, cam grinding machines producers, cam grinding machines ... CNC Grinding Machine, CNC Internal Grinding … Prasad NC Machine Systems (P) Ltd - exporting and manufacturing of CNC grinding machine, CNC internal grinding machine, CNC roll grinding machine, CNC … Bestek Engineering Pvt. Ltd.:All type Grinding Machines … Grinder machine, competitor of Micromatic, same as Parisudh machines,SRB, CNC external grinder, Vertical Grinder, Turning center, CNC SPM, Bestek engineering ... Landis 3L CNC CBN Cam Lobe Grinding Machine … Landis 3L CNC CBN Cam Lobe Grinding Machine (Stock # 982) Camshaft Grinders, Camshaft Grinder Equipment, Camshaft Grinding Equipment
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Groundbreaking discovery of mutation causing genetic disorder inhumans, birth defects

Scientists at A*STAR's Institute of Medical Biology (IMB), incollaboration with doctors and scientists in Jordan, Turkey,Switzerland and USA, have identified the genetic cause of a birthdefect known as Hamamy syndrome[1]. Their groundbreaking findingswere published in the prestigious journal Nature Genetics . The work lends new insights into common ailments such as heart disease , osteoporosis , blood disorders and possibly sterility. Hamamy syndrome is a rare genetic disorder which is marked byabnormal facial features and defects in the heart, bone, blood andreproductive cells. Its exact cause was unknown until now. Theinternational team, led by scientists at IMB, have pinpointed thegenetic mistake to be a mutation in a single gene called IRX5.

 This is the first time that a mutation in IRX5 (and the family ofIRX genes) has ever been discovered in man. IRX5 is part of afamily of transcription factors that is highly conserved in allanimals, meaning that this gene is present not only in humans butalso in mice, fish, frogs, flies and even worms. Using a frogmodel, the scientists demonstrated that Irx5 orchestrates cellmovements in the developing foetus which underlie head and gonadformation. Carine Bonnard, a final-year PhD student at IMB and the firstauthor of the paper, said, "Because Hamamy syndrome causes a widerange of symptoms, not just in newborn babies but also in theadult, this implies that IRX5 is critical for development in thewomb as well as for the function of many organs in our adult body.For example, patients with this disease cannot evacuate tears fromtheir eyes, and they will also go on to experience repetitive bone fractures (Annex A) or progressive myopia as they age. This discovery of thecausative gene is a significant finding that will catalyze researchefforts into the role of the Irx gene family and greatly increaseour understanding of human health, such as bone homeostasis, orgamete formation for instance." "We believe that this discovery could open up new therapeuticsolutions to common diseases like osteoporosis, heart disease,anaemia which affect millions of people worldwide," said Dr BrunoReversade, Senior Principal Investigator at IMB. "The findings alsoprovide a framework for understanding fascinating evolutionaryquestions, such as why humans of different ethnicities havedistinct facial features and how these are embedded in our genome.IRX genes have been repeatedly co-opted during evolution, and smallvariation in their activity could underlie fine alterations in theway we look, or perhaps even drastic ones such as the traits seenin an elephant bending machine, whale, turtle or frog body pattern." Only a handful of people in the world have been identified withHamamy Syndrome making it a very rare genetic disorder. Raregenetic diseases, usually caused by mutations in a single gene,provide a unique opportunity to better understand more commondisease processes.

These "natural" experiments are similar tocarefully controlled knockout animal experiments in which thefunction of single genes are analyzed and often give major insightsinto general health issues.[2] Prof Birgitte Lane, Executive Director of IMB, said, "Understandinghow various pathways in the human body function is the foundationfor developing new therapeutic targets. This is an important pieceof research that I believe will be of great interest to manyscientists and clinicians around the world because of the clinicaland genetic insights it brings to a large range of diseases." Additional References Citations. The e-commerce company in China offers quality products such as busbar bending, , and more. For more , please visit today!
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Some Types of Printing Machines

This article is about world of printing machine. There are various types of printing machine. Every type of printing machine has great role in printing industry. According to work, we use the different printing machine. Printing peripherals are also use according to substrate, material and surface. Printing Machine is the combination of two word copper pipe bender, print and machine. Printing machine means a machine that print.

 The machine reproduces text and image by the help of ink, is known as printing machine. Here some important printing machines: • Offset printing machine: This printing machine is used in various applications. In this, commercial printing technique is used. In this printing machine, printing process is very cheap. This printing machine is also known as Lithographic printing machine. But this machine has a drawback. It set up cost is very high. • Pad printing machine: This is a part of offset printing machine for providing fast and high clarity printing. This machine is used for print the three dimensional objects and compound angle. The quality of printing of this machine depends upon the quality of paper. • Digital printing machine: This is an affordable machine with high performance. This machine is small in size. • Screen printing machine: This printing machine has a unique type of print process.

It can print on any shape of substrate. This printing machine provides unbelievable effects due to its broad range of inks. These printing machines are better choice for printing nameplates cnc busbar bending machine, t-shirts, and other articles in large volume. • Letterpress printing machine: This printing machine is more advance and efficient than offset printing machine. This machine is widely used for make copies of images by raised sheets of paper. • Electrostatic printing machine: Electrostatic printing machines use electrostatic forces to form the image in ink directly on the surface of printed aluminium busbars. These machines have very high speed and low cost effectiveness. • Popular printing machine: These machines are use for printing on a different surface and material including paper, cardboard. • Embossing printing machine: These machines are use for fine printing on the product busbar bending machine. These machines are also capable to produce three dimensional image or effects. Printing peripherals have also a great role in the world of printing. The main components are printing roller and printing inks. Printing roller is important component. It is a type of cylinder. Printing ink has its own role. There is various type of ink.
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Reverse Vending Machines - What are they

A reverse vending machine works exactly opposite then a regular vending machine. With a reverse vending machine you recycle cans or bottles and the machine then returns the deposit to the customer. A reverse vending machine is a device that accepts used (empty) beverage containers and returns money to the user (the reverse of the typical vending cycle).

The machines are popular in places that have mandatory recycling laws or container deposit legislation in Europe. In some places, bottlers pay funds into a centralized pool to be dispersed to people who recycled the containers. Any excess funds were to be used for general environmental cleanup. In other places, such as Norway, the state mandated that a vendor pay for recycled bottles, but left the system in the hands of private industry. The dominant vendor of reverse vending machines in Europe (with 90% market share) is Tomra of Norway. Reverse vending equipment automates beverage container recycling by accepting containers directly from the consumer, accounting for each container processed, and refunding the deposit to the consumer. Reverse vending machines were first introduced in to reduce the supermarket retailers' burden of manually redeeming and accounting for empty beverage containers cnc bending machine. Beverage industry studies have shown that reverse vending is less expensive compared to the cost of manual, primarily because of space and labor savings. Reverse vending alleviates the sanitation problems associated with storing empty containers in open storage bins. Empty containers do not have to be manually accepted and sorted by store personnel because they are sorted and accounted for automatically by machine. Reverse vending offers convenience to the retailers' customers and builds traffic. Retail customers are more inclined to shop at supermarkets with recycling centers; especially if they can recycle with automated equipment they find to be reliable cnc busbar machine, convenient, accurate and fast. In a typical deposit law state in Europe, each distributor must collect containers from every retailer to which it sells. Often a beverage distributor type operation collects the empty containers from the retailers.

The reverse vending machines are generally equipped with a laser scanner to read UPC codes. In addition, the machines should have a microprocessor to keep track of the brand and number of containers returned. The systems are generally designed to record the brand and package type (can, plastic or glass), and also to count the containers in each category. Reverse Vending equipment is an important eco-marketing tool to promote environmental friendly programs and encourage ecosystem protection programs. The recycling consumer has a convenient and easy method to recycle their used beverage containers bending machinery. They get a comfortable feeling knowing that they are participating in an environmentally friendly program as well as the cash incentive for returning their used beverage containers. John Hanna was in the Vending Machine and Vending Route business for 15 years until last year when he sold his business and moved to Tampa, FL where he runs a successful consulting business copper punching machine.
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Fellowes Pulsar E Electric Comb Binding Machine Review

The Fellowes Pulsar-E is the least expensive electric plastic comb binding machine that is offered by Fellowes.The Fellowes Pulsar E offers a sleek, smooth design that folds closed when the machine is not in use.

This makes it easy to store the machine and helps the machine blend in with other office equipment inside your organization busbar machine suppliers. Overview: The Fellowes Pulsar-E is the least expensive electric plastic comb binding machine that is offered by Fellowes. It is an electric version of the manual Pulsar 300 comb binding machine with virtually all of the same features punching machine. This machine has a distinctive and stylish contemporary look that is designed to fit inside a small or medium sized office environment. Strengths / Features: The Fellowes Pulsar E offers a sleek, smooth design that folds closed when the machine is not in use. This makes it easy to store the machine and helps the machine blend in with other office equipment inside your organization. Since this machine has an electric punching mechanism, it doesn't need a punching handle. This makes Pulsar-E even more compact and makes it less obtrusive. This machine offers a slide out drawer that will hold plastic binding combs for easy accessability. This slide out drawer also has a measuring device that allows you to measure the size of the combs inside the drawer cnc busbar punching machine. The measuring guide also allows you to select the correct size of comb for your document or project busbar punching cutting bending machine. This machine offers a punching capacity of 15 sheets per punch. Although there are many binding machines available on the market that can punch than the Pulsar-E, for the price this is a very respectable punching capacity. Plus, the electric punching mechanism allows you to increase productivity in punching and binding your documents. The comb opener included on the Fellowes Pulsar Electric binding machine uses metal hooks and metal fingers. When looking for a low end binding machine, it is important to choose one with a metal comb opener. Comb binding machines that use plastic comb openers will easily break leaving the machine virtually useless.

 Weaknesses / Limitations: One limitation of this machine is that the comb opener is only designed to handle plastic combs up to 1-1/2" in diameter. Plastic comb binding spines are available in sizes up to 2 inches. However, the Pulsar-E is not compatible with 1-3/4" or 2" plastic binding combs. Organizations that need to bind documents with these large thicknesses will really need to consider a larger comb binding machine. This machine is designed for binding 8.5" x 11" letter size documents. Although this is adequate for many organizations, this machine is not a good fit for users who need to punch or bind other sheet sizes.

 Companies who need to bind half letter sized sheets, legal sized documents or A4 length documents will need to choose a binding machine with disengageable punching pins. Although this binding machine is electric and offers a great design, it is important to remember that it is still made primarily out of plastic. This unit is designed for small and medium sized offices that do occasional binding. High volume users really need to consider a larger, more durable binding system with industrial metal components. Article Tags: , , , , , , , , ,
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Troubleshooting a Machine

How annoying. You're midway via a project whenever your machine begins playing up or perhaps worse, stops and plays dead. Very frequently it's an easy problem that might have been prevented with a few Fundamental Machine Maintenance in other cases it might exactly that the children have to the device without you understanding and also have screwed using the tensioner!

  Missed Stitches

Should you machine is sewing fine after which begins to skip stitches it's most likely because of a worn or bent needle.

The machines needle is extremely fine and it's easily bent when tugging in fabric but more frequently it will get bent by striking a pin.

If you're needing to change needles quite frequently then make certain you're permitting the feed dog to maneuver the material with the machine and you're not tugging it.

Knotted or Breaking Thread

First of all make certain you use a high quality thread. Cheap threads may appear just like a bargain however they produce excessive lint, have loosely bound fibres and can easily knot.

Look at your machine is threaded properly. If you're unsure completely p-thread it and redo it according to your producers instructions.? Make sure to thread your machine using the presser feet up.

Make certain the bobbin is properly threaded. Make certain the bobbin is incorporated in the bobbin situation and the proper way round for the machine.

Find out if your bobbin is worn. The plastics ones can put on after lots of use and wobble within the situation which messes your tension as you're sewing.


Be careful for children having fun with your machine as the back is switched. All individuals knobs, dials and pedals are irresistible to some child.

In case your machine isn't being used then I recommend ensure that is stays locked away. Not just so that they can't have fun with it however it wouldn't take much for a kid to show around the energy and operate a stitch across their hands.

Tension Adjustment

Modifying the strain varies by machine so you will need to review your producers guide and find out how it's done. Usually though turning the adjustment left slackens the strain and turning right firms the strain.

Regular Maintenance

It's super easy to obtain so fascinated inside your sewing projects that the forget Fundamental Machine Maintenance and before lengthy you begin to possess problems. Trust me when I only say it's a lot cheaper to perform a couple of fundamentals inspections in the finish of the sewing project than spend your hard gained cash for any service agent to correct your machine.

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Risk Management

NASCAR today is televised industry. It’s also a metaphor for what made American business and innovation the best in the world for decades. In their joint-authored book That Used To Be Us, journalist Thomas Friedman and Professor Michael Mandelbaum talk about the country’s challenges, and how it’s the turns the economy takes, rather than the straightaways, that provide the opportunities for risk-taking. They quote John Doerr, who is, they write, one of America’s premier venture capitalists – an early backer of Netscape, Google, and “You have to take risks when you are in a high-speed turn,” says Doerr. “Sometimes you’re going so fast and the turn is so sharp, your car’s riding on only two wheels. But, without risk-taking, nothing big happens.”

When a racing car is standing still, we can admire its curves and wings, we can marvel at the clever engineering, and we can pontificate all we like about power, downforce, and utilitarian beauty. That’s why some particularly fine examples find themselves hung on the walls of art galleries. But, of course, a racing car doesn’t make sense unless it’s traveling at 200 mph, which, ironically enough, is when we almost can’t see it at all, depending on how close we are.

Kids instinctively know that being close to a moving racing car is important, so they’re usually the ones who want to be trackside, where they can experience the shockwave of noise and energy as the cars pass.

I was at Charlotte Motor Speedway Sunday October 13th for the sixth-from-last race of the Sprint Cup season for 2012, and given that the outside temperature was probably around 50 degrees, I felt fortunate to have a bird’s-eye view of the circuit from the Stewart-Haas suite, several floors above the action.

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is one of North America’s biggest spectator sports. Perfectly choreographed for a television audience, a NASCAR Sprint Cup race represents the highest level of this exciting sport – with 36 races taking place over a 10-month period. In terms of viewing figures, its popularity is second only to the National Football League.

Watching a race from the Stewart-Haas suite is a mildly surreal experience. During the rolling start, the 43 cars pass almost silently from one end of the floor-to-ceiling, panoramic window to the other. From up high, it’s difficult for an untrained eye like mine to spot any of the Stewart-Haas drivers as the parade rolls by. Fortunately, I had the chance to take a much closer look a few days later, when the team was back at its Kannapolis headquarters, around 20 miles northeast of Charlotte.

Haas Automation founder, Gene Haas, and three-time Sprint Cup Champion Tony Stewart, jointly own Stewart-Haas Racing (SHR). In the 2012 season, the team fielded three drivers: Tony Stewart, of course, Ryan Newman, and Danica Patrick.

The SHR headquarters is a long, rectangular building on the appropriately named Haas Way. The central part of the building is a cavernous space filled with racing cars in various states of preparation. Painted high on the walls are quotes and aphorisms by thinkers and leaders through history, intended to keep motivation and work-rate high, as if there were a need. To the right of the main workshop is the team merchandise store, and to the left, behind a glass partition, is the team machine shop, fronted by a red, special-edition Tony Stewart VF-1 vertical machining center. Unsurprisingly, every CNC machine tool in the shop is a Haas CNC machine tool. According to Brad Harris, machine shop manager, this definitely works in the team’s favor.

“It’s natural that we have Haas machines as opposed to other makes,” he says. “But, I’ve worked with other machines before I came here, and I can say first and foremost, Haas machines are versatile and reliable, which is precisely what our work demands. Having one make of machine with a single control helps scheduling. There are just five of us here, and between us we take care of all 12 machines. I think I also speak for everyone when I say, we’re proud to be a Haas shop.”

The Stewart-Haas machine shop includes eight vertical machining centers and four turning centers. “Four of the VMCs have four- and five-axis capability,” says Mr. Harris, “which means we can make pretty much whatever our car teams need, with minimum set-up times.

“Mid-season, modifications are happening all the time, sometimes due to NASCAR rule changes, and sometimes because an engineer or crew chief comes up with an idea to improve the performance of the cars. In all cases, they’ll want the part immediately. However, by the time the change has been through the engineering department and filtered through to the machine shop, there’s usually not much time left. As a result, every job is an emergency.”

The biggest machines on site are two VF-6TR’s with trunnion tables. There’s also a Mini Mill, a VF-2, and a VF-4 five-axis machining center, also fitted with a trunnion, a TR-210.

Like all race teams, SHR is reluctant to show most of the components it makes in-house close-up, especially when there are still another half-dozen races to go. One of the most recognisable parts though, is the shifter handle. Mr. Harris holds up an example from Ryan Newman’s number 39 car. It’s strong and lightweight, and features complex contours, which are partly for ergonomics and partly decorative.

“This was a fun, but challenging, project for us, as well as the engineers,” he says. “It was machined using our five-axis VF-4, which allowed us to create the part in just two operations. We make about 20 per year. Like most parts on the car, they get ‘mileaged’ out and are replaced. Even with unstressed parts like this one, we don’t take chances. We don’t wait for them to fail.”

Among other Haas-machined components at Kannapolis are the front spindle uprights, which start out as forgings with the spindles pre-machined by the supplier. From here, SHR mills the remaining features, of which there are many – several parts are subsequently joined to the uprights by welding.

“After fabrication, an assembly will come back to us, and we’ll finish the entire machining in a single setup, which means we won’t compromise precision or quality,” says Mr. Harris. “Precision is the biggest challenge, because of the close tolerances and somewhat awkward shape. We mount the part on the spindle snout in the trunnion on the VF-6TR. We rotate it and hit all of the features in one setup. It saves us a lot of time, and makes a really good component. One of the benefits we enjoy with the Haas machines is that they are very user-friendly, and downtime is extremely rare. We get great support from the local HFO.”

NASCAR has its origins in the era of prohibition, when bootleggers would distribute their illicit liquor throughout the Appalachia region of the eastern and southern U.S., using the fastest car and driver combinations they could find. NASCAR was born, therefore, of cultural innovation – a means to circumvent government-imposed restrictions on the production and consumption of alcohol. The bootleggers were using technical innovation to make their cars faster and more maneuverable. When prohibition eventually ended, the innovators were having too much fun to simply call it a day. What subsequently grew was a sport that would eventually generate billions in annual revenues, and create even greater wealth across the tens of thousands of individuals and businesses in its orbit. As Friedman and Mandelbaum point out in their book: Over the years, government has often played a significant part in helping launch a new wave of innovation – one way or another, then got out of the way.

The second stop on my short tour of NASCAR’s homeland was Hendrick Motorsports (HMS), around 5 miles south of Stewart-Haas Racing, in Concord, a stone’s throw from the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

HMS was formed in 1984, and is one of the winningest teams, with 10 championships in the Sprint Cup Series, alone. NASCAR fans will already know that it was through HMS that Haas Automation originally came to the sport, initially as a sponsor and supplier of CNC machine tools. In 2002, Gene Haas founded his own team, Haas CNC Racing, in partnership with HMS. What is now SHR’s number 39 car was, in fact, Haas CNC Racing’s number 60 – its original entry in NASCAR’s top series.

With the advent of SHR in 2002, the partnership between the two teams evolved, and to this day, SHR uses HMS engines and chassis, and the HMS machine shop on its 100-acre campus is almost entirely Haas.

HMS builds more than 550 engines per year, with many of these leased to other NASCAR teams. The various engine and chassis parts are made on a variety of Haas CNC machine tools, including VF-2 and VF-6 vertical machining centers, ES-5 horizontal machining centers and TL-25 turning centers with C-axis, sub-spindles, and live tooling.

“We have four Haas ES-5 machines on campus to machine cylinder heads and intake manifolds,” says Larry Zentmeyer, engine shop coordinator. “We also use them to rework exhaust seats, and retrofit older designs with new ones.” Each of the company’s ES-5 machines is fitted with a Haas HRT210 rotary table and tailstock, to support the long parts.

As well as SHR, Hendrick Motorsports supplies engines and parts to several other teams, including Earnhardt Ganassi, Phoenix Racing, JRM, and Turner Motorsports.

HMS cylinder heads are machined using the Haas ES-5 horizontals. These complex parts start life as semi-finished castings supplied by Chevrolet.

“Enough material is left for us to add valve-train and rocker stand features,” explains Mr. Zentmeyer. “There’s also plenty of material left for us to come in and port the exhausts and the intakes, and there is also some machining required in the chamber. Basically, there is hardly a surface on the casting that we don’t machine in some way or form. Machine operators like Mark Thomas have Siemens NX systems alongside the machines where they prepare programs.”

“Each month, we machine around 12 sets – that is, 24 heads,” says Mr. Zentmeyer, “which means the machines are always busy, but not so busy that we need multiple pallets or pallet-changers. The ES-5’s do the job very well, indeed.”

The HMS engine shop also custom-fits its pistons to each cylinder block. “We’ll use one of the VF-2 machines to do final machining work on the piston tops,” says Mr. Zentmeyer. “This way, we can get the tolerances and fits exactly as we want. On average, we machine around 20 piston sets every week.”

As well as cylinder heads and pistons, Hendrick Motorsports also makes and supplies high-volume parts and components like alternator cages to famous-name suppliers, such as Bosch. “Many parts for use in road vehicles are cast. We machine the same parts from solid billets, so they’re stronger and more durable. If we used cast parts on the race cars, they wouldn’t last more than a lap or two, because of the temperatures and the vibration.”

A few laps after the start of the Charlotte race, I put on my coat and took the elevator down to where the stadium touches the upper edge of the banking. The air was cold and laced with excitement. As close as possible to the no-man’s-land between the seats and the wire safety fence were the kids, precisely where they always are (where I would have been as a 12-year-old), bundled-up in down jackets and ear-defenders, accompanied by long-suffering moms and dads.

It’s only down here, at this level, that you can really appreciate the speed of a stock car, and the courage of the drivers as they slide through turns and jostle for position, just inches from one another.

Friedman and Mandelbaum’s book has the subtitle What went wrong with America – and how it can come back. The authors describe how the country’s legal framework enabled those who were prepared to innovate and take risks to succeed personally – and eventually build the greatest economy on Earth. They list the greatest threats to America’s position in the global economy, and they make recommendations for how those threats can be mitigated.

Motor racing sometimes gets bad press in our environmentally conscious times, but educators and industrialists still recognise its enormous potential to inspire future generations. Those kids, enthralled by the noise, color, and spectacle of NASCAR races in Charlotte and elsewhere around the country, may not grow up to be the next Tony Stewart (or even his crew chief), but they may just grow up with an instinctive appreciation of risk and the role it plays in private enterprise. And, if they apply that understanding during their working lives – if they’re comfortable enough with the idea of risk that they start their own businesses, register patents, or invest life-savings to buy capital equipment – then that’s how America will find its way back. They won’t want to stand around and admire what previous generations have done before them. They’ll want to experience the economy flat out, in a power slide, while fighting for a place on the winner’s podium.

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I want to thank you forthe vanilla cupcake andbuttercream recipe fromyour May issue. I used therecipe to make cupcakesfor my brother’s wedding and they were ahuge hit! Not to mention they were so easyto make. Thank you for your great recipesand for making the wedding so special.Bronwyn Jones, via email

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I found your recent tip on eating celeryto relieve backache very interesting.I am certainly going to give it a try– hopefully it will help my arthritis.Irill Humphrey van Niekerk,via Facebook

Super stepmom
I felt compelled to writein after reading ‘Whatif you don’t love hiskids?’ in your Augustissue. My husbandand I are second-timemarried and between us havefive children aged between 18 and 23.Three of the children are not biologicallymine, yet I feel like their mom. I live withthem full time and care for them like a mom,doing all the washing and cleaning, as wellas dealing with school reports, exam resultsand love-life dilemmas! All five children areso close it’s as if they’re natural siblings. Themost wonderful moment was last year whenI was given five cards on Mother’s Day!Debbie Gostling, via email

Keep the doctor away

I particularly lovedthe article ‘Your winterhealth dilemmas...solved!’ in the Juneissue of Essentials.Not only was it auseful read, but it also actually explainedsome important health issues to both mymom and me, so thank you very much!Alison Braganza, via Facebook

Puzzle perfect
I was so delighted tosee that Essentialsnow includes Sudokupuzzles. I saw a hintof it on the cover andcouldn’t wait to openmy mag up and see.Your magazine has always been myfavourite and now it has the added bonusof a Sudoku puzzle. As you might detect,I am a serious Sudoku fan. Keep it up!Sue Hunter, via email

Who knew?

I loved the ‘20 tricksto drop a dress size’article in your Augustissue – I’m so pleasedmy chewing gum habithelps in a small way,and who knew that Greek yoghurt hadmore protein than a poached egg?It’s much easier to eat some yoghurtthan to prepare poached eggs!Sarah Friedrich, via email

Friday, October 2, 2015

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE-Ray Kelvin is known as fashion’s invisible man

Inside Ted Baker London, the indie fashion empire that could. BY LAURA deCARUFEL
    Ray Kelvin is known as fashion’s invisible man: He rarely gives interviews, and in all of his online pix, his face is obscured by a teapot, a large bass or, in one memorable 2011 shot, the Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) award he was given by the Queen for his service to the fashion industry. A similar
reserve informed Kelvin’s 1988 decision to found his business, then a single Glasgow shirt shop, under the moniker“Ted Baker,” rather than his own name. (“If it had failed, I would not have been able to handle it,” he once told The
Telegraph. He needn’t have worried: That shop is now a global mega-brand worth $1.2 billion.) In person, however, the invisible man is a complete chatterbox. He talks
in paragraphs, calls out warmly to staff as they walk by and proffers compliments, jokes and hugs—lots of hugs. (A green circle on the floor beside his desk indicates the “Hug Zone.”) “I just love these people,” he says of his team.

 We’re having lunch at his office, a sprawling Camden compound whose nondescript brown-brick exterior belies its inside charm: Outfitted like a Ted Baker shop, it’s all warm and vintage-y, with mismatched orange chairs,
glass lamps and bookshelves. The airy second floor overlooks the atrium, where staff sit at picnic tables enjoying the free noontime meal of grilled salmon and quinoa
salad. This is headquarters for the brand, which has stores in more than 34 countries, including an already beloved Canadian outpost that opened two years ago at Toronto’s Yorkdale Shopping Centre. “That store is Ted Baker teamed
up with England’s Giffords Circus for its quirky, colourful s/s ’14 campaign.