Wednesday, October 14, 2015

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Cupcake queen
I want to thank you forthe vanilla cupcake andbuttercream recipe fromyour May issue. I used therecipe to make cupcakesfor my brother’s wedding and they were ahuge hit! Not to mention they were so easyto make. Thank you for your great recipesand for making the wedding so special.Bronwyn Jones, via email

Top tip
I found your recent tip on eating celeryto relieve backache very interesting.I am certainly going to give it a try– hopefully it will help my arthritis.Irill Humphrey van Niekerk,via Facebook

Super stepmom
I felt compelled to writein after reading ‘Whatif you don’t love hiskids?’ in your Augustissue. My husbandand I are second-timemarried and between us havefive children aged between 18 and 23.Three of the children are not biologicallymine, yet I feel like their mom. I live withthem full time and care for them like a mom,doing all the washing and cleaning, as wellas dealing with school reports, exam resultsand love-life dilemmas! All five children areso close it’s as if they’re natural siblings. Themost wonderful moment was last year whenI was given five cards on Mother’s Day!Debbie Gostling, via email

Keep the doctor away

I particularly lovedthe article ‘Your winterhealth dilemmas...solved!’ in the Juneissue of Essentials.Not only was it auseful read, but it also actually explainedsome important health issues to both mymom and me, so thank you very much!Alison Braganza, via Facebook

Puzzle perfect
I was so delighted tosee that Essentialsnow includes Sudokupuzzles. I saw a hintof it on the cover andcouldn’t wait to openmy mag up and see.Your magazine has always been myfavourite and now it has the added bonusof a Sudoku puzzle. As you might detect,I am a serious Sudoku fan. Keep it up!Sue Hunter, via email

Who knew?

I loved the ‘20 tricksto drop a dress size’article in your Augustissue – I’m so pleasedmy chewing gum habithelps in a small way,and who knew that Greek yoghurt hadmore protein than a poached egg?It’s much easier to eat some yoghurtthan to prepare poached eggs!Sarah Friedrich, via email

Friday, October 2, 2015

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE-Ray Kelvin is known as fashion’s invisible man

Inside Ted Baker London, the indie fashion empire that could. BY LAURA deCARUFEL
    Ray Kelvin is known as fashion’s invisible man: He rarely gives interviews, and in all of his online pix, his face is obscured by a teapot, a large bass or, in one memorable 2011 shot, the Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) award he was given by the Queen for his service to the fashion industry. A similar
reserve informed Kelvin’s 1988 decision to found his business, then a single Glasgow shirt shop, under the moniker“Ted Baker,” rather than his own name. (“If it had failed, I would not have been able to handle it,” he once told The
Telegraph. He needn’t have worried: That shop is now a global mega-brand worth $1.2 billion.) In person, however, the invisible man is a complete chatterbox. He talks
in paragraphs, calls out warmly to staff as they walk by and proffers compliments, jokes and hugs—lots of hugs. (A green circle on the floor beside his desk indicates the “Hug Zone.”) “I just love these people,” he says of his team.

 We’re having lunch at his office, a sprawling Camden compound whose nondescript brown-brick exterior belies its inside charm: Outfitted like a Ted Baker shop, it’s all warm and vintage-y, with mismatched orange chairs,
glass lamps and bookshelves. The airy second floor overlooks the atrium, where staff sit at picnic tables enjoying the free noontime meal of grilled salmon and quinoa
salad. This is headquarters for the brand, which has stores in more than 34 countries, including an already beloved Canadian outpost that opened two years ago at Toronto’s Yorkdale Shopping Centre. “That store is Ted Baker teamed
up with England’s Giffords Circus for its quirky, colourful s/s ’14 campaign.