Sunday, November 29, 2015

Troubleshooting a Machine

How annoying. You're midway via a project whenever your machine begins playing up or perhaps worse, stops and plays dead. Very frequently it's an easy problem that might have been prevented with a few Fundamental Machine Maintenance in other cases it might exactly that the children have to the device without you understanding and also have screwed using the tensioner!

  Missed Stitches

Should you machine is sewing fine after which begins to skip stitches it's most likely because of a worn or bent needle.

The machines needle is extremely fine and it's easily bent when tugging in fabric but more frequently it will get bent by striking a pin.

If you're needing to change needles quite frequently then make certain you're permitting the feed dog to maneuver the material with the machine and you're not tugging it.

Knotted or Breaking Thread

First of all make certain you use a high quality thread. Cheap threads may appear just like a bargain however they produce excessive lint, have loosely bound fibres and can easily knot.

Look at your machine is threaded properly. If you're unsure completely p-thread it and redo it according to your producers instructions.? Make sure to thread your machine using the presser feet up.

Make certain the bobbin is properly threaded. Make certain the bobbin is incorporated in the bobbin situation and the proper way round for the machine.

Find out if your bobbin is worn. The plastics ones can put on after lots of use and wobble within the situation which messes your tension as you're sewing.


Be careful for children having fun with your machine as the back is switched. All individuals knobs, dials and pedals are irresistible to some child.

In case your machine isn't being used then I recommend ensure that is stays locked away. Not just so that they can't have fun with it however it wouldn't take much for a kid to show around the energy and operate a stitch across their hands.

Tension Adjustment

Modifying the strain varies by machine so you will need to review your producers guide and find out how it's done. Usually though turning the adjustment left slackens the strain and turning right firms the strain.

Regular Maintenance

It's super easy to obtain so fascinated inside your sewing projects that the forget Fundamental Machine Maintenance and before lengthy you begin to possess problems. Trust me when I only say it's a lot cheaper to perform a couple of fundamentals inspections in the finish of the sewing project than spend your hard gained cash for any service agent to correct your machine.

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