Friday, December 23, 2016

High-speed press is the use of mechanical transmission of the material forming equipment

High-speed press is the use of mechanical transmission of the material forming equipment, through the transmission mechanism to obtain the required material forming force, so that the blank to determine the deformation, made of the required parts, can be stamping, extrusion and forging process. High-speed presses work in a variety of forms, usually by the crankshaft, connecting rods, rails and sliders and other components, the function is to crankshaft system of rotary motion into the guide system of reciprocating linear motion. In practice, the use of high-speed punch structure is mainly toggle-type punch trump, multi-link and so on. For the toggle-type high-speed punch press structure, the punch through the vertical guide 1 drive link 4 end of the pilot pin do linear motion, L arm driven toggle to do a composite plane movement, the slider in the toggle under the action of reciprocating linear motion .

 Since the structure is structurally symmetrical except for the crank 6 and the connecting rod 4, the horizontal inertial force of the mechanism can be well balanced. However, the inertia force of a single crank-link mechanism can not balance the force of the fuselage, and should be considered in the design process power punch. Multi-link high-speed punch structure, the crank 12 in the rotation guide block 4 to do a linear motion, right rod 3 under the action of the upper right link to make the upper right link rotation. The slider moves in a straight line under the joint action of the lower right link 11, the right balance lever 10 and the right transfer lever. The mechanism for the balance of inertial force, while the other end of the fixed lever connected to a balance pendulum fast, work, balance the direction of fast pendulum and the opposite, from the balance. Similarly, the mechanism due to the crank rod is not symmetrical body guy punches kangaroo, the resulting inertial force can not be offset.

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