Friday, December 23, 2016

High-speed press hydraulic pump failure how to do it

Using the hydraulic pump for the gear pump, vane pump, gear pump now, for example, to its fault diagnosis and diagnosis. In the blanking process, the fault gear pump is usually: oil shortage, excessive noise and pressure fluctuations; hydraulic pump is not working properly or high-speed punch to stay in. Common causes and countermeasures of oil transportation shortage:
 1 Pressure valve not normal: Repair or replace the pressure valve punch signature. 2 pump body cracks and leakage phenomenon: the need to replace the body pump, pump and pump cover, covered with paper pads, fastening screws. 3 due to the gear pump radial and axial clearance is too large, the relative movement of the gear pump will lead to wear and rotation of the bearing ring, axial and radial clearance is too large, replacement parts.
 4 Motor reverse: Correct motor rotation direction. SAM_6509_ Moumu compression .jpg5 The presence of dirt in the filter, the pipeline is not clear: remove dirt, replace the oil to ensure that the oil is clean. 6 oil viscosity is too high or too high temperature: high-speed punch using 20 mechanical oil # suitable temperature choice for the 10-50 ℃ temperature oil 20 # full loss system punch vst, if it is three types of work, you must install the cooling device gut punch videos.

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